Global Keynote Speaker
Jack Canfield Certified Trainer on Success Principles
Author of 12 Books
Global Keynote Speaker
Jack Canfield Certified Trainer on Success Principles
Author of 12 Books
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Do you want to develop the culture of gratitude and happiness in your company or organisation?

Are you looking for ways to increase your team’s productivity?

Are you looking for an authentic and inspiring speaker who delivers results and transformation?

You’ve come to the right place.

Sha Nacino is a global keynote speaker on gratitude, happiness, and productivity; a corporate trainer; and an author of 12 books.

As a speaker and a trainer, Sha has inspired hundreds of thousands of people in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Spain. Sha served as a speaker/trainer to companies and organizations such as HSBC, Bayantel, Mercedez Benz, Ayala Land, Metrobank, BPI, Sunlife, Philam Life, DSWD, DOLE, Bureau of Immigration, Office of the President of the Philippines, University of the Philippines, and many more!

Sha is a certified Jack Canfield Trainer on Success Principles. She is also recognized as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest award given by Toastmasters International to its members worldwide.

She is a member of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, which is a member of the Global Speakers Federation.

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Sha’s Most Requested Talks

1. The Power of Gratitude Talk/Workshop

How do you keep your employees highly engaged without spending tons of money? The answer is simple: Attitude of Gratitude. This talk/workshop helps the employees realize how blessed they are, inspire them to express their gratitude toward their colleagues, their bosses, and their company. The result? A happier and a highly engaged working environment.

Duration: 1 Hour / Half Day

2. Mission Happiness in the Workplace

This talk will give you the keys to find happiness, inspiration, and meaning at work. When you are happy, you are more productive at work. When you are happy, chances are, your happiness will have a ripple effect on the people you work with.

Duration: 1 Hour / Half Day

3. Productivity Hacks: How to Get More Work Done…Faster, Better!

“There’s too much work and there’s too little time!” Have you ever heard this phrase before?

If you struggle to finish so many things in so little time, this talk is for you. There are some proven ways on how you can get more work done faster and better!

In this talk, you will learn the techniques and tools you need to accomplish so much work using the limited time you have.

Why overwork and stress yourself when there are smarter, faster, and better ways to do things? When you follow the tips Sha will share in this talk, you will not only increase your productivity, but you will also increase your time off.

Duration: 1 Hour / Half Day

What People Say About Sha Nacino
“Sha Nacino is a refreshing fountain of wisdom for young people thirsty for guidance.   Her books are blessing the world. You need to read Sha’s books to save yourself from growing old and poor at the same time.” Bo Sanchez

Bestselling Author

“I share Sha’s passion in helping people realise that (a) what the world needs are not necessarily insights from “money experts”, but instead amazing stories of Juan and Maria who have learned and moreso applied money lessons in their life, and (b) that such learnings about money are, as she states in her book, “a continuing education with no graduation”. So let’s keep on learning! Edric Mendoza

Host, ABS-CBN's On the Money Presiden, TMA Home School

“It is rare to meet individuals who have the skill and talent to express their experiences in a very enlightening and encouraging manner and I am truly impressed with Sha’s new book that shares her success in dealing with personal financial struggles. It should serve as a guide for all young men and women who are looking for a voice within their generation to relate to and may her commitment and dedication to achieving financial wellness be an inspiration for our youth.” Edward Lee

Founder, COL Financial

Sha looks at change as an exciting journey to be traveled, not to be avoided. The measure of true wealth is value – not money, which is the whole point of this easy-to-read and downright practical book. Being rich is only meaningful if it means doing it for the right reason and doing it the right way. The best way is to be rich as a nation where no Filipino is left behind to remain poor. Tony Meloto

Founder, Gawad Kalina

“Sha Nacino is an important voice of the Millenial Generation. She doesn’t talk down to her readers like an all-knowing guru but shares her hard-earned lessons from her own struggles and foibles. Young professionals will definitely relate to her and learn how to change their own relationship with money.” Heinz Bulos

Money Sense Editor-in-Chief and Learning Curve CEO

I totally love Sha’s Money&Me book coming from the author’s personal journey and absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants a happy/relationship with money- it is indeed a blessing to all! Congratulations! Dean Pax Lapid

Bestselling Author

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“This book shows you how to unlock your full potential for successful living.”

Bryan Tracy

International Best Selling Author