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Why It Is Important to Build a Culture Where Everyone is Seen and Appreciated
  • The Great Resignation. In a study done by Zety in 2021, 65% quit because they didn’t feel valued by their managers.
  • When employees feel unseen, their engagement drops. Low engagement leads to low productivity. The disengaged employees can even negatively influence the more engaged ones.
  • A culture of appreciation can potentially increase the company’s revenue.  In a study by Harvard Business Professor James Heskett, companies that exhibit the culture of appreciation had a revenue growth of 682%.
  • Being seen and appreciated is a basic human need.
  • Unlock your company’s hidden potential and inspire fearless possibilities in your team (e.g. increase team engagement, productivity, creativity) by building a culture where everyone is seen and appreciated.

“When you feel seen and appreciated, you unlock fearless possibilities.” - Sha Nacino

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The Power of Being Seen and Appreciated

Problems it Addresses: Low employee engagement, low productivity, lack of creativity, lack of care for the company

Best for: Global Conferences, Sales Conferences, Financial Advisors, MDRT Conferences

Regardless of our age, race, or economic status, we all have this basic need. We all want to be seen and appreciated.

When you feel seen and appreciated, you soar high and you unleash fearless possibilities in the form of higher engagement, creativity, and productivity.

The Power of Gratitude

How do you keep your team highly engaged without spending tons of money? Building a culture of gratitude is key. This keynote will help employees gain perspective, inspire them to appreciate where they are, and share their appreciation with their colleagues, managers, and their company. The result? A happier, more productive, and highly engaged working environment.

Lead with Care

According to Gallup, 75% of the reason why people quit their jobs is because of their managers. No matter how competent a manager or leader is, if the employees don’t feel the manager cares for them, they either get demotivated which then lowers their productivity, or they quit their jobs. In this keynote, leaders will gain practical and powerful ways on how they can show authentic care for their team members, which then leads to happier, more engaged, and more productive teams.

Mission Happiness in the Workplace

Loneliness leads to poor health and poor performance. When employees are happier, they tend to be more inspired, creative, and productive. What does it take to build a happier and a more engaged workplace? This is what this keynote is all about.

Money Matters at Work

Let’s face it. When we’re worried over money concerns, we can’t focus at work and our productivity suffers. This talk will inspire and empower employees to take charge of their finances so they can eliminate financial worries and be happier and more productive at work. This keynote will be one of the most beautiful gifts you can give your team members. Sha is the perfect person to give this talk because she was once buried in debts during her stint as a bank employee. Today, her finances are in order. She can empathize with those who are struggling in their finances and she can help them get out of the financial mess they are in. Don’t let money issues get in the way to becoming the most joyful and productive team member you can be.

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Sha is not only a speaker who relates well with the audience, she also deeply understands the amount of hard work conference organizers put into organizing events. After all, she has a considerable experience organizing some of her branded events.

If you’re a conference organizer, you will love working with Sha as your keynote speaker because she is highly professional, she understands your language, and she is so easy to work with.

Here are the highlights of some of Sha’s events.

About Sha

Sha Nacino is a global keynote speaker, an award-winning author of 15 books, and an adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management. She is on a mission to help leaders and organizations unlock their organizations’ hidden potential by building a culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and appreciated.

Sha holds a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, with Dr. Martin Seligman who is the Father of Positive Psychology, as the lead professor.

Sha has traveled to and inspired thousands of people globally in countries including the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, UAE, Malaysia, Maldives, France, and the U.S. She has served as a speaker to global brands like Johnson & Johnson, HSBC, AXA, Usana, Sunlife, FWD, Cocolife, Manulife, and many more!

In 2019, Sha was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year presented by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council and Women’s League Foundation. In 2022, she was awarded the Inspiring Humanitarian Award by the World Humanitarian Drive (WHD).

Sha is a speaker who is known to move her audience with her well-thought-out, engaging, fun, and easy-to-understand talks that include tangible action plans.  Sha marries her background as a former bank employee with her journey as an entrepreneur and a professional speaker so that her stories relate to employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders alike.

An author of 15 books, host/producer of two podcasts, and a creator of online courses and online summits such as The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge, The 90-Day Speak to Thrive Challenge, the HR Summit GlobalTM, Global Authors SummitTM, World Gratitude SummitTM, and Global Success Summit™ (with Jonathan Low), Sha is incredibly grateful to have been given opportunities from a humble background as a bank employee to a global speaker and thought leader.

Sha is known as “The Possibility Igniter” who inspires fearless possibilities through her words and works.

For fun, Sha likes to travel, sing, dance, and direct and create music videos. Since releasing her first music video in June 2021, she and her team already produced more than 27 music videos so far.

Engage Sha if you want to increase your team’s engagement, happiness, creativity, and productivity. Email us at

Sha’s Latest Blogs
Reflections from my 2nd TEDx talk :)
Nov, 14 2023

Hope you’re having a great week so far

Let’s dive right into our Story, Highlight, and call to Action for the week 🙂


I just delivered my 2nd TEDx talk last Friday and I had so much fun with the audience!

I talked about what Math can teach us about solving real-life problems and unlocking possibilities.

The big idea was this: “Problems are simply possibilities waiting to be ignited.”

I then shared a formula to solve any problem.

My TEDx talk journey had 3 parts:

1. The Preparation – this was the most challenging part of the journey. It took months for me to fine-tune the idea, write my talk, edit it 100x, and then practice it over and over and over again

2. The Talk – this was the most fun part!!! I loved interacting with the audience and I loved loving the audience through my talk. I really, really enjoyed giving the talk! The stage was my playground.

3. After the talk – this was the most rewarding part. Audience members came up to me and I got to meet them up close, chat with them, and hear their stories on how the talk inspired them and ignited possibilities in them.

It was not all roses, though. Let me share with you some challenges and glitches:

Challenge #1: Nap time 🙂

The TEDx talk was a whole day event from 8 AM – 6 PM.

We had our lunch break at 11:30 AM.

At around 12:45 PM, I felt very sleepy because it was my nap time. Hahaha!
My speaking slot was at 1:30 PM and I wanted to be fully alert during my talk.

So I discreetly closed my eyes from where I was seated.

At 1:00 PM, I was ushered backstage. There was no aircon there, only an electric fan. My concern was that my make-up might melt. Hehe! I had my full make-up on (I hired a professional hair and make-up artist to do my hair and make-up).

While I was backstage, my eyes were too heavy. I just wanted to close my eyes and nap.
One of the speakers backstage was friendly and wanted to chat with me.
I smiled at him and chatted a bit.
Then I had to remind myself of my most important role that day — to deliver the best TEDx talk I can possibly deliver and I am responsible for making sure my body is fully present during my talk.

I smiled at the other speaker and I said, “Let me take a quick nap. I just need to close my eyes for a few minutes. We can connect after our talk.”

He understood.

Challenge #2: Tech glitches

There were some technical glitches during my TEDx talk.

The clicker was given to me while I was already speaking on stage, the monitor where I could see the slides being projected to the audience didn’t work in the first minute, and the clicker wasn’t working well, so the tech team helped me control my slides and the timing of the slides was not perfect.

After my talk, the production team profusely apologized for the glitches. They really felt bad about it, I had to comfort them and say, “It’s okay. I understand that tech glitches do happen. You did your best.”

I and my team had a lot of experience organizing our signature in-person events such as the Global Authors Summit, Mission Happiness Conference, etc. I know how challenging and stressful it is to organize events. That’s why I understood the organizing team.

I chatted with the production team backstage and I learned that one of them didn’t have lunch yet. That was around 1:30 PM.

I bumped into her at 3 pm and she still hasn’t eaten anything since 6 AM.

During snacks, I went to the snacks bar, got some snacks, and brought it to her backstage. She cried. She must have been so hungry and drained already.

The best-case scenario was for everything to work well. But even in the presence of glitches, I could still say the talk was very successful. This was affirmed after my talk when participants came up to me for selfies and they told me how much the talk inspired them and changed their perspective.

Comments from the audience

Some of the comments I got were,

“Your talk inspired me to write a book!”

“Your talk inspired me to sing!”

“Your talk inspired me to go for my dreams!”

“I never thought that I could use my being a Math person and apply it to creativity.”

“Your talk was the best talk I’ve ever heard.”
“Your talk was our favorite!”

“I saw my problem in a different light, that there is a solution to it.”

“The A.B.S. Formula is very powerful!”


“Aim for excellence, and be prepared to handle unexpected glitches.”

Call to ACTION

In my experience organizing our signature events through the years, I can spot from a mile away if an event was well-organized or poorly organized.

The TEDx event at U.P. Visayas was well-organized! There were so many moving pieces to make it happen. It was also the most ambitious TEDx event with 20 speakers coming from all over the Philippines and all over the world. Kudos to the organizing team Leah, Sophia, Shanne, Gerianne, Terrence, and everyone! 🙂

Here’s a tip for speakers: If you speak at events, please be kind to the organizing/production team. It’s no joke to organize events. Also, part of being a professional speaker is to be prepared for tech glitches in case they happen.

Have you encountered a problem recently that you were able to overcome? Congratulations!

Do you have a problem you’re currently dealing with? Remember that problems are simply possibilities waiting to be ignited!

I wish you fearless possibilities!

Sha Nacino

Keynote Speaker l Author l Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management

P.S.1: Recently, I’ve been in talks with business leaders who’ve highlighted a major issue: high attrition rates. Employees often leave when they feel their growth is stagnant. Facing this challenge in your company? I’m here to help you tackle it. Visit or reach out to me at

P.S.2: A line from a song, “Follow the leader leader leader, follow the leader,” echoes in my mind. I’ve seen entire departments transfer to new companies following their leaders. In one case, over 1,000 sales professionals moved to a competitor with their leader. This underscores the vital impact of leadership. Need leadership training? My “Lead with CARE” program is just what you need. Contact me at

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Birthday reflections on happiness, inner peace, and relationships :)
Oct, 26 2023

Hope you’re having a great week so far.

I have three stories for you today. Our TuesDate today is relatively longer than usual. I hope you enjoy the stories.

Let’s dive right into our Story, Highlight, and call to Action for the week 🙂


Story #1: True Happiness

I used to think that I’d be at my happiest when I finally met my ‘The One’ and when I got married.

I just turned 20 for the second time a few days ago (Thanks to my friend Kitch for this creative way of describing my age) and I’m still single.

Yet, I could say this is the happiest I have ever been. 💕

I am so grateful for where I am.

I am so grateful for what I have and for what I don’t have yet.

Last year, I made a tradition to celebrate my birthday the entire month of October but on the day of my birthday, it will just be me and God.

I did this because I wanted to be quiet and reflect on two things:

  1. Am I fully satisfied with God?
  2. Is there any sadness or emptiness lingering somewhere in my heart that I couldn’t hear because of laughter and celebrations on my birthday?

I was liberated by what I found out. I felt deep love, joy, and peace that no words can describe.

The deep love, joy, and peace I feel allow me to make sound decisions like really choosing the right man I would marry and not jumping to the next guy who showed interest. When God finally tells me, “Okay, Sha, it’s time to get married!” I know my husband and I will create a loving, joyful, and fruitful marriage that gives glory to God and blesses a lot of people.

Story #2: On friendships and relationships

God has blessed me with the sweetest family and friends. Last Sunday, I had a simple dinner birthday celebration with my friends. That was the first time I organized my own birthday party because, in the past, my friends organized surprise birthday dinners for me.

While writing down the names of my guests, I realized I have so many friends in Manila alone. Plus, friends spread all over the Philippines and the world. I also come from a huge clan from both sides and I probably have over a hundred cousins, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, and grandnephews in our clan. (My husband-to-be and I better save up for our wedding because I want to invite everyone dear to us on our wedding day! Hahaha!)

I wish I could invite everyone but I couldn’t find a bigger venue and I also wanted it to be intimate enough so my friends and their kids could get to know each other.

If you’re my friend and you’re thinking, “Why didn’t Sha invite me?” Know that most likely I thought of inviting you.

My friends, my treasures. I missed some who couldn’t make it that day.

Wherever I go, I continue making friends. This is what’s beautiful about friendships. You can have as many friends as you want! I feel like I haven’t even tapped my heart’s full capacity to love. There’s still so much love in my heart I’m willing to share!!

In my recent 3-day birthday getaway trip to Boracay, I met new friends.

Let me introduce you to Angelo and his friends.

While vlogging by the beach on my Day 1 in Boracay, he saw me and said,

“Ma’am. I’ll take your photos. I’m good at taking photos.”

Two tourists who passed by smiled and said, “Yes, he’s good.”

I smiled at Angelo, gave him my iPhone, and he directed me to what poses to do. Hehe. Indeed, he was great.

We chatted a bit and his friends joined us. That’s how we became friends.

The next day, they came by the beach in front of my hotel and we chatted. While talking about some places they wanted me to visit, I showed them one of my music videos shot in those places they referred to. They loved my music videos and they wanted to watch more! (I have a hunch my music videos are box-office hits among kids and kids-at-heart! My Godchildren also loved my music videos! My 2-year-old God-daughter Tey memorized almost all of my song covers!)

I learned that Angelo’s birthday was Oct 17, and mine was Oct 19.

“Do you want to celebrate?” I asked.

Their eyes glowed.

Here’s what we did on my birthday:

✅ Breakfast at the hotel

✅ We bought a birthday cake

✅ Early dinner at Jollibee

✅ Photobooth

✅ Heart-to-heart conversations

with Angelo, Arvie Jay, Ivan, Yamyam, John Rian, and Nanay Rita 🙂

During the candle cake blowing, I asked everyone to close their eyes and make a wish, and then we all blew the candles. Their wishes for themselves made me a bit emotional. They wanted their respective families to be together again this Christmas. They are apart because of economic challenges.

And their wish for me, “Sana makahanap ka po ng mabuting mapapangasawa at makapag-asawa ka na po.” (We pray you get married to a good man soon!) Awww… 🥰

I told them when I get married, I’ll go back to Boracay and introduce my husband to them.

The kids were very responsible and sweet. Since they’re always the ones behind the camera taking photos of guests, I brought them to a photo booth and gave each of them a printed copy of our photos.

I also made friends with a lot of locals and fellow tourists.

Story #3: Kind people are everywhere

After Mass on Day 2 in Boracay, I wanted to go to the mall but I didn’t have loose cash for my e-trike fare.

I have a 500-peso bill in my wallet but I didn’t want to inconvenience the e-trike driver.

I decided to just walk. I just needed to know which direction I’d go to and whether the mall was walkable.

I chanced upon 3 strangers and asked if the mall was walkable.

They said, “Mag-e trike ka nalang, Ma’am. 15 pesos lang pamasahe.” (Just take the E-trike. Fare is only 15 pesos)

I said, “Okay lang kuya. Maglakad nalang po ako kasi wala po akong barya.”

(I’ll walk since I don’t have loose change for my e-trike fare).

One of them was holding a 20-peso bill, the only bill he was holding, and he handed it to me.“Ma’am, kunin mo na to. Pamasahe mo.” (Take this for your fare.)

with Danivee, Dagul, and Darwin

I shared their act of kindness on my Facebook and it went viral. So many people were touched by the goodness of Danivee, Darwin, and Dagul.

Here are some of the comments.


“Making and keeping friends is simple. It’s all about being interested in them, listening to their stories, and wanting what’s best for them.”

Call to ACTION

We may think that happiness is found in circumstances…

“I’d be happy when I get married.

I’d be happy when I get promoted.

I’d be happy when I buy a house or a car.

I’d be happy when I travel.

I’d be happy when my spouse treats me right.

I’d be happy when my friends see my worth.”

The truth is, that happiness is an inside job.

We have everything we need within us to be happy.

May you find that inner peace, joy, and love that only God can give.

May you see in yourself the inner peace, joy, love, and zest in life that you already have.

That’s my birthday wish for you.

I wish you fearless possibilities!

Sha Nacino

Keynote Speaker l Author l Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management

P.S.1 How can I help you motivate your team? Message me on LinkedIn or simply reply to this email.

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On spontaneity, delayed gratification, and self compassion
Oct, 17 2023

Hope you’re having a great week so far.

I have two stories for you today.

Let’s dive right into our Story, Highlight, and call to Action for the week 🙂


Story #1: Conquering the Waves in La Union (Philippines)

A couple of days ago, I messaged my friends and said,

“I want to go to the beach this weekend, even for just a day. Let’s go?”

My friend replied, “Our family is planning to go to La Union this weekend to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. Let’s go!”

That’s how my friends and I ended up on a day trip to La Union. I love spontaneity, and I am so grateful for friends who share the same craziness.

La Union is known as a surfing place. So we decided to take surfing lessons as well.

While the surfing coaches were briefing us, I became anxious and wanted to back out.

But I talked to myself and said, “You got this, Sha! You’re brave! You did scuba diving in Boracay. That was way scarier because you’re underwater, and you did it!

Once we were on the beach, I hopped on my surfing board. Every time the waves crashed at us, I got so scared and would shout out so loud,

“Waaaaahhhhhhhhh! Waaaaahhhhhh!!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

I may have looked foolish because I was the only one screaming so many times out of fear, and I accepted that part of me.

I felt sorry to those who were distracted by my noise. Hahaha! However, when I looked at the reactions of the people there, they seemed amused rather than irritated. They laughed every time I shouted. I couldn’t blame them. After all, the water was just waist-deep. Hehe! Good thing I would always come back to my senses each time I realized how shallow the water was and I would laugh with them also.

Even if I knew in my mind it was safe to attempt to stand up on my surfing board and fall, my body didn’t embrace it yet so I had to be gentle with myself.

In a span of one hour, I attempted to stand up only twice and fell both times. That was a milestone for me.

I told myself, “I’m proud of you, Sha, for doing it even when you’re scared. Let’s treat this as a warm-up. Let’s go back next time and attempt to stand up more than twice.”

I told my surfing coach Jeremy we’d just take it slow and enjoy the waves.

Story #2: Delayed gratification works: Boracay episode

When I was still a bank employee, we had vacation leaves. I remember how my officemates would share stories about their travels. I was happy listening to their stories and I wish I could go on vacations also as often as I wanted to.

But back then, I only had 20 vacation leaves per year. I said ‘no’ to travels in the meantime so I could invest my savings and vacation leaves in attending seminars on personal development and money management. Plus, going home to the province to spend time with my family. I am grateful my efforts paid off.

While I was in La Union with my friends last Sunday, I suddenly missed Boracay. I checked my schedule this coming week and I saw that I didn’t have any in-person meetings or engagements on certain days. So I booked my flights to and from Boracay. Two days later, I’m here, enjoying the beautiful beach and the white sands.

This is my no make-up, no lipstick, no filter, straight-from-the-airport look. I now love embracing my natural beauty. Naks! Thank God!

Years ago, it would take me months to plan and save up for a vacation. Now, I can go to Boracay the next day if I want to. I also have the flexibility to work from anywhere or to decide to not work on a given week.

One thing that really helped me was this, “Di ako nakipagsabayan sa travels ng iba lalo nung di ko pa kaya.”

If you’re pressured to measure up to the lifestyle of the people around you or the people you see on social media, be kind to yourself and tell yourself that you don’t have to keep up with their lifestyle.

Focus on your own purpose, progress, and timeline. Design the lifestyle you want and make it happen, with lots of hard work, patience, and by the grace of God. And yes, invest in personal development and money management.


“Be kind to yourself and focus on your own purpose, progress, and timeline.”

Call to ACTION

Are you pressured about the things you see around you?

Maybe your colleagues are getting promoted and you feel stuck.
Maybe your friends are getting engaged and getting married and you’re still single.

Maybe you see how advanced the other kids are compared to your kid.

Maybe you feel left out financially and socially.

Maybe your fellow sales professionals are hitting their targets and getting awards, and you can’t seem to progress.

I feel you. I also felt some of what I shared above. Sometimes, I got impatient, too, because I wanted to be in my desired future instead of embracing my current reality.

Be kind to yourself, be patient, and focus on your purpose. Remember, you are exactly where you need to be to learn the lessons you need to learn so you can fully enjoy the things you’ve dreamed of.

Everything is a preparation. Everything is an opportunity to grow. You got this!

I wish you fearless possibilities!

Sha Nacino

Keynote Speaker l Author l Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management

P.S.1 How can I help you motivate your team? Message me on LinkedIn or simply reply to this email.

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